Structured PhD (Plant & Agribiosciences)

The Structured PhD in Plant & AgriBiosciences trains the student to perform cutting-edge, internationally-competitive research and training in a field related to Plant & AgriBiosciences. The student produces a PhD Research Thesis through full-time research over 4 years, and takes dedicated PABC modules, supplemented with modules chosen from those provided for general NUI Galway graduate training. Students taking the Structured PhD in Plant & AgriBiosciences take core PABC modules on:

  • Understanding Ireland’s Agriculture & AgriFood Sector
  • AgriFood Sustainability & Agri-Resilience Challenges 
  • Understanding AgriBusiness & AgriFood Market Trends 
  • AgriFood Career, Communication & Impact Pathway Skills  

The Structured PhD in Plant & AgriBiosciences is offered in collaboration with Teagasc and other partner organizations, and prepares the student for a career or future research opportunities in plant & agribioscience areas.

For further details contact: charles.spillane@nuigalway and/or