Centre Objectives

The Plant & Agricultural Biosciences Centre (PABC) is a Research Centre within the Ryan Institute for Sustainable Development at the National University of Ireland Galway.

The overall Goal of the Plant & Agricultural Biosciences Centre is to facilitate plant and agricultural biosciences research and activities that contribute to human wellbeing, in Ireland and internationally.

Specific Objectives of the Plant and Agricultural Biosciences Centre are to:

    • function as a platform for promotion of plant & agricultural biosciences research, training and innovation in Ireland
    • contribute to the transition to an Irish bio-based economy based on renewables derived from photosynthetic organisms
    • facilitate the development of R & D skills and innovations that contribute to the Irish economy and society
    • apply the findings of basic research and contribute to sustainable development in Ireland, EU & internationally
    • promote public and political understanding of the key role that plant and agricultrual bioscience play in the economy, society and environment
    • increase our knowledge about plants and other agricultural organisms with , from molecular to ecosystem levels
    • promote scientific exchange and co-operation between participating research groups, companies and institutions
    • promote sharing of research infrastructure between groups, companies and institutions
    • promote vibrant seminar speaker programmes across the participating research groups, companies and institutions
    • organise and host national and international conferences and events relating to plant and agricultural biosciences
    • plan and carry out innovative & interdisciplinary projects at a high scientific level
    • guarantee future skills competence in the field of plant and agricultural biosciences research & innovation by means of shared teaching & training of graduate research programs
    • intensify co-operation & visibility of plant and agricultural biosciences research community with business, politics, and government and other stakeholder groups in society
  • encourage dialogue with the public and stekeholder groups by contributing a scientific viewpoint to social, economic, and political topics relating to plants and agricultural organisms.